Powering your Product Strategy
and Go-to-market Success through
actionable customer insights

Launching products in international markets brings unique challenges.

I help your business:

User Needs

Make confident product decisions based on actionable insights into international users’ behavior, goals, and pain points. I help you define and answer key questions through end-to-end UX Research.

Product Strategy

Drive the long-term success of your offering by strategically addressing your customers’ needs. I help you uncover opportunities to increase product-market-fit and prioritize your roadmap for maximum business value.

Go-to-market Success

Achieve your business goals by ensuring a successful product launch. I help you craft a winning go-to-market strategy with messaging and positioning that resonates with your target audience.


My substantial international experience and unique skillset is built on these pillars:

I hold a German Master in Social Sciences, a German PhD in Social Sciences, a US MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and am certified in User Experience with a specialty in UX Research by Nielsen Norman Group.


How I can support your international business needs:

You want to make a specific product or business decision and need an expert to run UX Research for product discovery or validation.

(usually a few weeks)

You are creating a comprehensive product strategy and need ongoing UX Research and Strategy support from an expert embedded in your team.

(usually several months)

You want to upskill your team to make more user-centered decisions and need a facilitator with extensive international UX Research experience.

(customized per needs)

Select International Projects

Online Food Order Service

Identified deal breakers in online food order processes through usability testing & translated insights into quick wins and roadmap projects.

LinkedIn Learning B2B Reporting

Increased usage by 98% through leading user research, beta program, and global go-to-market strategy for complete UX relaunch.

SAP Internet of Things Solutions

Drove adoption for a new product category through successful beta programs and international customer co-innovation projects.

ZDF (Leading German TV Station)

Produced documentaries based on deep dive research of complex science and technology topics and expert interviews.

LinkedIn Learning Skills Insights

Impacted product strategy and roadmap prioritization through extensive international user research across four continents.

SAP Internet of Things Solutions

Developed global product strategy through international UX Research conducted in English, German, and Spanish.

International Foundation

Impacted the strategic direction of startup incubator based on extensive research of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

European Media Companies

Improved the user experience of educational TV programs based on 100+ user interviews and in-depth analysis of 220+ broadcasts.


Let’s explore how I can support your international product success:

    Dr. Sascha Noll

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